Stonelam's Mumbai Store Is Inspired by Mountain Trails, Fostering Creative Synergy with Nature

Stonelam, a leading distributor of 100% natural surface materials guided by the ethos of 'NATURE IS ABOVE ALL', proudly unveils the inauguration of its new experience center.
Business Wire India

Stonelam, a leading distributor of 100% natural surface materials guided by the ethos of 'NATURE IS ABOVE ALL', proudly unveils the inauguration of its new experience center. This innovative space has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the brand's ethos, values, and essence, presenting a renewed perspective on the facade market.
The experience center stands as a testament to Stonelam's dedication to crafting aesthetically pleasing and practical products in perfect alignment with nature. It mirrors the company's steadfast commitment to sustainability and its focus on meeting the demands and desires of today's environmentally conscious consumers.
CEO of Stonelam, Mr. Sandeep Bagade, underscores, "This is our first Experience Center in Mumbai. It showcases our unique offering in this domain, providing an array of choices and immersive sensory experiences. With our premium product range, customers are expertly guided to optimal selections. This space epitomizes our commitment to redefining the façade market, blending nature's allure and sustainability."
Designed to evoke feelings of inspiration, inquisitiveness, and environmental consciousness, the experience center caters to a broad spectrum of clientele, including architects/designers, homeowners/buyers, and current and prospective clients. The space layout takes inspiration from rugged crystal formations, delineating distinct zones for immersive exploration.
Mr. Sushant Pathak, CMO of Stonex Group, remarks, "Embodying our commitment to nature-centric innovation and sustainability. With a design concept inspired by 'Hiking Through the Mountains,' the space showcases our superior products in complete harmony with nature. Interactive exhibits highlight Stonelam's product superiority, catering to environmentally conscious consumers and redefining the facade market with fresh perspectives."
Interactive displays engage visitors by showcasing product properties in an engaging manner, while mockups illustrate their application on both facades and interiors. The business lounge features custom furniture serving as interior mockups, while the office space draws inspiration from contemporary mountain villas. Special installations, including laser-cut chandeliers, water-jet murals, and Stonelam-made eyewear and jewelry, serve as captivating highlights. The facade treatment makes a bold statement, evoking the solidity of stone. Various signage options are presented throughout the space to enhance way-finding.
Additionally, Stonelam boasts the distinction of having a dedicated Technical team across all four zones and a trained and certified network of over 100 fabricators, who have catered to over 1,000 architects in a span of five years across various segments including Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, and Residences. With ready stocks exceeding 100,000 square meters, Stonelam ensures seamless availability and delivery of its products.
By opting for Stonelam, customers can be rest assured that they are making a natural and sustainable choice that contributes to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing planet. Stonelam's brand positioning aligns perfectly with the desires and preferences of contemporary consumers, underscoring the company's commitment to crafting beautiful, functional products in complete harmony with nature.

As of April 2024, Stonelam has a Pan India presence with partners across 200+ locations and warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore to cater to the partner requirements. It also has experience centres at 20+ locations where the customers can touch and feel the products.

For more information about Stonelam and its range of 100% natural surface materials, please  visit
Stonelam's Mumbai Store Is Inspired by Mountain Trails, Fostering Creative Synergy with Nature

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