Startup Mahakumbh Redefines India's Esports and Gaming Industry

Startup Mahakumbh, set to commence from 18th – 20th March 2024 at the prestigious Bharat Mandapam and ITPO, will host a number of gaming startups at the Gaming & Esports Pavilion.
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Startup Mahakumbh, set to commence from 18 th – 20 th March 2024 at the prestigious Bharat Mandapam and ITPO, will host a number of gaming startups at the Gaming & Esports Pavilion. The pavilion would be led by Rajan Navani, Chairman & Managing Director, Jetline Group of companies, Founder & CEO, JetSynthesys; and Girish Menon, Chief Strategy Officer, JetSynthesys. At the 3-day event, the pavilion will create avenues, show opportunities, and deliberate upon enabling Indian gaming studios to rise to a global level.

With over 450 million gamers, India’s gaming industry is poised for an exponential growth trajectory as Gen-Z turns Esports into a mainstream phenomenon. The industry has also expanded globally through hosting multiple international tournaments, drawing participants from around the world.

India is poised to make a significant mark on the global gaming stage, with startups playing a pivotal role. JetSynthesys, a significant player in India's thriving gaming and Esports scene, stands out as a pioneering force, consistently pushing boundaries and reshaping the gaming landscape.

Rajan Navani, Chairman & Managing Director, Jetline Group of companies, Founder & CEO, JetSynthesys expressed excitement about the pavilion's potential impact. He said ,Platforms like Startup Mahakumbh are pivotal in fortifying the landscape of video gaming and esports. They serve as crucial catalysts towards nurturing innovation and talent, propelling the Indian gaming industry onto the global stage. JetSynthesys proudly announces its participation at the Startup Mahakumbh. We are excited to showcase the potential of Gaming & Esports and establish a robust ecosystem that supports the growth and global aspirations of such startups.”

To further demonstrate the capabilities and opportunities within the Indian gaming and Esports industry, the pavilion will host the following activities:

1. Esports Tournament – Skysports, the leading esports tournament organisers with multiple gaming IPs is organizing the Esports tournament of Real Cricket & Sachin Saga from 18th to 20th March: 
  • Real Cricket 24 - Positioned as a game of skill and strategy, Real Cricket by JetSynthesys embodies the essence of cricket and serves as a bridge between virtual and physical gameplay. With over 300 million downloads and 100 million unique users, Real Cricket has solidified its position as a top game in India and is the world's No. 1 mobile cricket simulation game. Featuring a prize pool of INR 70,000, the format will include 10 invited players competing in a double-elimination bracket.
  • Sachin Saga - A franchise by JetSynthesys, this e-game is a testament to the unwavering passion for crafting cricket mobile games deeply rooted in India's cricketing culture. With over 200+ iconic matches of Sachin, diverse game modes, and stunning stadiums worldwide, the franchise promises an exhilarating experience for fans across the country. Notably, Sachin Saga features the 1st ever Manual catching mechanism in a mobile cricket game, setting a new standard for realism and innovation. Featuring a total prize pool of INR 30,000, the game will be open for all at the venue.

2. Global e-Cricket Premier League (GEPL) Season 2 Announcement is scheduled for 18th March:

GEPL is the world’s largest e-Cricket and entertainment league that seamlessly blends the best aspects of cricket, gaming, Esports, and entertainment. It creates an unparalleled platform for budding young talent to display their immense potential whilst delivering top-tier content for viewers. Season 2 will signify a pivotal step in Jetsynthesys' dedication to nurturing grassroots talent and advancing e-cricket on a global scale. Rohit Potphode, CEO & League Commissioner of GEPL and President of Esports at JetSynthesys will unveil the Season 2 of GEPL at the pavilion on 18 th March along with the leadership team of JetSynthesys. The panel discussion planned for the event will feature luminaries including Anuj Mankar, Chief Executive Officer Nautilus Mobile App Pvt. Ltd and Krishna Daswani, Vice President, Creative & Content along with Rohit Potphode, CEO: Global e-Cricket Premier League (GEPL) & President: Esports & Global Gaming Partnerships and Girish Menon, Chief Strategy Officer, JetSynthesys. GEPL epitomises India's contribution to the global e-cricket landscape and aims to stand alongside other esteemed leagues worldwide.

3. Career Masterclasses is scheduled for 20th March:

On the last day of the event, 20th March, industry professionals such as Girish Menon, Chief Strategy Officer, Jetsynthesys; Anuj Mankar - CEO, Nautilus; Rohit Jagasia - CEO, Team Revenant and Sriram Vishaal - Esports manager, Skyesports will host career masterclasses, providing valuable insights into opportunities within the gaming and Esports fields.

Startup Mahakumbh will also facilitate enriching discussions across sectors including AI + SaaS, D2C/Consumer brands, Agritech, Fintech, Deep Tech, Biotech & Pharma, Incubators, Climate Tech, and B2B Manufacturing apart from Esports. The distinct pavilions will serve as hubs of innovation, showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and insights in their respective fields. Register today to secure attendance at the event.
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