QNET Entrepreneurs Speak: From E-Commerce to Empowerment Commerce

In celebration of International Women's Day, leading QNET entrepreneur, V Partner Kavita Sugandh boldly underscores the triumphant influence of women, reshaping and dominating the direct selling industry.
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In celebration of International Women's Day, leading QNET entrepreneur, V Partner Kavita Sugandh boldly underscores the triumphant influence of women, reshaping and dominating the direct selling industry. Kavita leads a team of over 2 lakh members and is invested in their growth as well as learning – regardless of whether they are men or women.
A recent cinematic political satire nominated for the Oscars ends with a memorable line that says, if you want something said, send a man; if you want something done, send a woman. Whatever the perspective and science behind it, there’s a profound truth that when a woman is empowered, entire communities and future generations are empowered too. Take a look at history as an example – whether it was voting rights, gender equality or even ruling nations, women make change happen. In the 21st century, this empowerment is taking the form of entrepreneurial leadership in the direct selling industry.
The global dire ct-selling industry has seen significant growth, with India emerging as one of its fastest-growing markets. In 2022, it was ranked 11 among the top di rect-selling markets in the world, with retail sales of USD 3.23 billion (approximately INR 26852 crores). Women constitute a significant portion of direct sellers in India, accounting for 60-70% of the workforce. At QNET (India region) alone, women dominate 35% of the distributorship out of a total of 600,000 active members. It’s worth noting that the women come from rural, semi-urban and urban areas where traditional employment opportunities may be limited. They’re contributing to household incomes and making a name for themselves as leaders to reckon with in the business. 
Each one empowers many
QNET entrepreneur, Sharfun Shaikh’s story is a shining example of what happens when women break away from conventions to chart their own paths. Sharfun was a small-town girl who dreamt big about giving her parents a life of luxury and comfort. She was soft-spoken and shy about her English-speaking skills, but the dynamics of the direct selling industry demanded that she step out of her comfort zone to achieve success. Sharfun followed her gut and dove into setting up her direct selling business. Today, nearly 15 years later, Sharfun is a widely celebrated V Partner (classified as a top-rung QNET entrepreneur), being part of a successful multi-million dollar business and supporting her family. She believes in paying it forward and creating self-employment opportunities for more women.
Associate V Partner Shipra credits her achievements to the mentorship of Sharfun Shaikh, whose essential guidance illuminated the broad opportunities available in direct selling, shaping her path to success. Shipra acknowledges Sharfun for unveiling the possibilities of direct selling to her. Hailing from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Shipra transitioned from managing a boutique for seven years to joining a renowned fashion brand. After relocating cities, she eventually discovered her true calling in direct selling. She believes that the person she is right now resembles the coal that turned to diamond under high pressure. It’s not hard to imagine why – Shipra’s direct selling journey has earned the second-highest-ranked accolade of a Diamond Star at her work. She leads thousands of women and men like her across India, the UK, Nepal and Thailand to find their piece of success. Her vision is to create a network of women entrepreneurs in direct selling across the globe. More women like Shipra are embracing leadership and financial empowerment for themselves and the ecosystems they interact in.
Laying the right foundations
While personal drivers of resilience, determination and courage ensure success, I’m a firm believer that such spirit and strength requires the right foundational learning to flourish. It can help women reach their full potential and pivot them to positions of power faster.
People are the nerve centre of any business – in direct selling, they are even more so. Investing in the growth of women direct sellers’ skills and capabilities is necessary. For example, training initiatives that offer guidance on setting up a business, project management, building resilient teams, change management and leadership development become key. Such trainings are part of the reason why entrepreneurs like Shipra were able to sustain incredible growth even during the pandemic. The Direct Selling industry will always remain relevant. It will continue to flourish, driven by its ability to cater to human needs with niche products. And women, powered by the opportunities and learning tools available to them, will continue being the fuel that keeps the wheels of the global economy turning.
Making paths where there were none
Entrepreneurial stories like these are creating a ripple effect of success and growth resulting from empowerment in the direct selling industry. QNET Entrepreneurs are at the forefront across the globe, embodying resilience and determination. They’re uplifting more women and men as well, as they forge new ways to move the world forward in the dynamic realm of direct selling. QNET Entrepreneurs Speak: From E-Commerce to Empowerment Commerce

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