Intimate Queen Brings You Heavenly Comfortable Lingerie in One-Size

Intimate Queen is the first Indian intimate brand to offer one size bra and underwear for women made with innovative fabrics that are vitamin-rich, and plant based. The products are available on the official website and will be soon available on other marketplaces. They also offer discounts and plan on free giveaways on Instagram and Facebook pages.
Business Wire India
Women go through a lot of changes in their life cycles. Weight fluctuation is one of the most troublesome changes, especially when buying new intimate wear. In such cases, the one-size concept is the rescue. The pair you slip on right now will be equally comfortable even after your inches change.
For the first time in India, plant-based one-size underwear can be bought from only one brand for teens, college students, office goers, moms, to-be moms, grandmothers, and everyone who is XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL or in-between sizes. They are designed to keep the delicate area healthy in a good space. Intimate Queen utilizes vitamin-rich fibres from lemon, yew tree and corn  plants   to keep your pH value balanced in the gusset line making products 100% breathable.
The plant fibres rich in vitamins are used in the gusset lining to make it moisture-wicking to work against bacteria. All the undies are made from innovative fabrics to give you the stretch, smoothness, and flexibility you long for. Gusset linings are weaved using cotton and fibres from plants maintaining pH value and keeping the area dry throughout the day.
Talking of numbers, they have 1000+ female customers within the first 4 months of test launching from all walks of life including housewives, lawyers, doctors, entertainers, pilots, air hostesses, police officers, business owners, and students between 14 years to 75 years of age. All are loving the products and recommend them to friends and families. Among them, 60% are repeat purchasers of the new start-up lingerie label in India. The products are Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified, lab-certified, and high quality.
Customer Reviews:

"Wow! Now I don't have to invest in new undies for the postpartum phase and feel guilty about it. When my body changes, It'll adapt! This is brilliant! Finally, I have found undies with added benefits!" says Neha Tiwari, 36 years (Homemaker and Mother from Indore).

So Soft and invisible! It makes me forget that I'm wearing anything! Earlier I had to change many times a day. I'm switching to Intimate Queen.
- Dr. Bushra Khan, 30 years, Mumbai
Oh My Gosh, These are so soft, addictive and seamless bras.. Even after 2 months the product still feels the same. I have switched to Intimate Queen for good!
-Bhavana Baid, 26 years, Guwahati

I'd stopped using underwear because of the discomfort. At my age most women do! These products are so soft and moisture-wicking that I have started wearing them again!
- Manisha Jain, Homemaker, 66 years, Bhopal

Aside from women’s underwear, they also have one size, Ceramide Beauty Bra and an Everyday Bustier Lace Bra. Both are super soft, stretchy, and very comfortable for every day. It provides the perfect support and is non-wired.
Intimate Queen is the first intimate brand from India to use vitamin-rich plants in gusset linings with a one-size offering. The women’s underwear is available on their website at an accessible price and soon will be available on marketplaces. They also offer discounts and plan on free giveaways on Instagram and Facebook pages.
The team at IQ is optimistic for the future and ready to exhibit this innovative design in as many cities as possible.
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