Codebuddy’s CostGPT AI Tool Helps Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas

Codebuddy has unveiled a pioneering new product called CostGPT AI that marks the latest AI-driven innovation in the technology industry.
Business Wire India

Codebuddy has unveiled a pioneering new product called  CostGPT AI that marks the latest AI-driven innovation in the technology industry. The CostGPT AI tool aims at helping companies and entrepreneurs estimate the costs, features, and suitable technology stacks while developing software.
Most entities or individuals aspiring to build digital products often face hurdles in terms of the prevailing uncertainty on the money and time required for implementing their brand-new ideas. CostGPT has been developed in a bid to prevent such lags which often disrupt entrepreneurial ambitions.
With the help of AI, CostGPT calculates the costs and time required to transform such ideas into reality. Users just have to offer in-depth idea descriptions or share competitor URLs for reference or select the list of features they need as per their preferences to generate custom estimates.
With just a single input, entrepreneurs and organizations can generate realistic estimates for their projects. While entering their ideas or references, they can also get a list of features to choose from in order to enable better product planning. This one-of-a-kind AI tool has been created on a data foundation originating from 2,000+ projects that Codebuddy has worked on over the years.
CostGPT serves as the ultimate resource for ideators, enabling them to vet developers based on realistic insights and avoid any delays or budget-related surprises.
Moreover, the platform is continually evolving. With several features in the pipeline such as generating custom branded proposals with complete control over the generated estimations, it aims to further its core mission of empowering entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real products. This helps not just ideators, but also business developers and sales personnel from the IT industry in automating a huge part of their proposal generation effort.
While the ongoing debate around AI disrupting the IT ecosystem or eating into software development jobs rages on, Codebuddy ( believes that its unique tool will demonstrate how AI efficiently augments the capabilities of enterprises and developers. It will thus simplify digital product or software development, while enhancing its effectiveness greatly. Codebuddy’s CostGPT AI Tool Helps Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas

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