Build with NoCode Book Released; To Help Millions of Aspiring Indians Realise Their Dreams

Build with NoCode Book by Sandeep Tripathy has a step-by-step guide for beginners and will help businesses and professionals with no coding background learn to build websites independently. It is now available on Amazon Kindle.
Business Wire India

Every small business needs a website, and every young and experienced professional must exhibit their skills and expertise online to realise their aspirations. With this belief, Sandeep Tripathy, an innovative global product designer, recently launched a book called  Build with NoCode . The book is now available on  Amazon Kindle ( The paperback copy of the book will be released soon.
Build with NoCode  has a step-by-step guide for beginners that help in building a website from scratch using WordPress, a free and open-source content management system (CMS). “Today, having a website is no more an option.  Many people are still unaware that they need not hire a website designer or Web developer to build their website. They can easily do that themselves with the help of WordPress. If you are a start-up, engaged in consulting services, or a working professional, you can build your website without knowing how to code. My book  Build with NoCode is all about it. I will be glad if, through my book, I can help aspiring business owners and professionals to achieve their dreams,” said Sandeep Tripathy, author of the book.
To ensure the book could be of best use for beginners, the content has been reviewed and used by a few students and professionals to build their websites. “As an advanced reader of the book, I used the opportunity to learn to create a website.  Build with NoCode  Book has practical steps and is free from technical jargon.  Sandeep has been a long-time user of WordPress. He has packaged his experiences from a beginner’s perspective in this book. I believe such kinds of books can be of great help to millions of youth in remote areas. They would use the guide and make their websites to connect with their target audience for employment and business,” says Shonal Rath, Founder of Demystified Initiative, an organisation committed to the betterment of vulnerable communities.
The book targets professionals, including early-stage startup founders, UI / UX designers and freelancers. Readers will get to learn various features of WordPress that come inbuilt with it, along with exercises to put the learning into action. This includes learning to create and manage posts, pages, and users, upload and manage media content, including images, videos, and user comments, modify the website's aesthetics, extend or add functionality to the website with plugins, and much more. Moreover, readers don’t need to purchase a domain name or a hosting service to learn how to build a website, as they’ll learn how to install WordPress on their laptop/desktop.
“As a Brand and Communication professional, I believe this could help everyone create an online profile to exhibit their expertise and experience. As editor of the book, I ensured that  each step was defined well and easily decoded by the users. The book will be helpful for professionals, entrepreneurs, creators, and freelancers to build their online personal brand and portfolio,” says Sevashree Mohapatra, a former journalist with Hindustan Times and Communication leader with several multinational companies.
WordPress (hosted at is free; anybody can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes without paying any licensing fee.  It can be used for building websites, blogs, or any app using NoCode concepts. Due to its ease of use and versatility, it has grown to become the most used CMS in the world, with more than  40% of the market share. “Contrary to popular belief that WordPress CMS is used by amateurs, several leading and high-traffic websites, such as TechCrunch, Sony Music's official website, Facebook Newsroom website, etc., are built using this CMS,” added Sandeep. Build with NoCode Book Released; To Help Millions of Aspiring Indians Realise Their Dreams

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