Startek Honduras Celebrates Dual Workplace Engagement Achievements

Startek® (NYSE: SRT), a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, is thrilled to ...
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Startek® (NYSE: SRT), a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, is thrilled to announce prestigious accolades from the Awards of Happiness®, RRHH Digital and Association of Culture and Employer Branding Leaders (ALCEB), underscoring the company's steadfast commitment to fostering excellence, diversity and inclusion at work. Startek is the first CX solution provider in Honduras to achieve a Diversity and Inclusion certification.


Startek Honduras was honored with the Diversity and Inclusion Certification, highlighting the organization's dedication to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment that celebrates the unique contributions of every team member. In addition, Manolo Moreno, Vice President of Operations at Startek Honduras, was awarded the title "Most Innovative and Visionary Leader" at a prestigious awards ceremony hosted in INCAE by Awards of Happiness®, RRHH Digital and ALCEB. Bharat Rao, Global CEO, Startek said, "Manolo's exceptional leadership consistently inspires our teams to strive for excellence while fostering an environment of overall well-being."


These accolades are in alignment with the Awards of Happiness's, RRHH Digital's and ALCEB's shared mission to promote assertive leadership within organizations and advance employee well-being throughout Honduras.


To celebrate these achievements, Awards of Happiness®, RRHH Digital and ALCEB hosted an evening gathering that featured three enlightening conferences focused on organizational well-being and happiness. The event provided a platform for HR leaders to exchange insights and discuss strategies for creating workplaces that prioritize employee welfare.


"We are immensely proud of the success of our team in Honduras for achieving the Diversity and Inclusion Certification and congratulate Manolo Moreno for being recognized as 'Most Visionary Leader'," said S.M. Gupta, Chief People Officer, Startek. "This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to cultivating a workplace culture that embodies excellence in diversity and inclusion. Our associates are at the heart of our mission. They drive our commitment to excellence and enable us to provide exceptional customer experience solutions for our clients."


Startek Honduras employs over 2,000 associates, each of whom play a pivotal role in the company's mission of effectively combining people, technology and data to deliver outstanding customer experiences for leading brands. Learn more about the awards Startek has received at


About Startek®


For more than 35 years, Startek has delivered customer experience (CX) excellence for the world’s leading brands. Spread across 12 countries, our 38,000 associates create memorable, personalized experiences in both voice and non-voice channels. Our clients span from fortune 500s to fast-growing startups in a diverse range of industries including cable, media and telecom; travel and hospitality; retail and e-commerce and banking and financial services.


By creating closer connections, Startek delivers value for our clients, opportunity for our people and sustainable growth for our shareholders.


To learn more visit and follow us on LinkedIn@Startek.


About Awards of Happiness®


Awards of Happiness® is an initiative that acknowledges organizations for their commitment to creating a positive work environment that fosters happiness, employee well-being, and overall success.


About RRHH Digital


RRHH is a leading platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and insights on human resources and organizational well-being. It supports initiatives aimed at improving workplace culture and enhancing employee happiness.




The Association of Culture and Employer Branding Leaders (ALCEB) is dedicated to recognizing and promoting leadership excellence and fostering a culture of well-being within organizations. ALCEB collaborates with industry leaders and experts to inspire and empower professionals to create workplaces where employees thrive.


  Startek Honduras Celebrates Dual Workplace Engagement Achievements

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