Sangfor Recommended Again in 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test

Sangfor Technologies, a leading global vendor in cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions, has announced ...
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Sangfor Technologies, a leading global vendor in cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions, has announced it has once again received a “Recommended” rating in the 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test. This high accolade underscores Sangfor’s consistent ability to deliver cutting-edge firewall products that effectively tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges.


2024 Enterprise Firewall Test Overview


Founded by the former CEO of NSS Labs, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing confidence in cybersecurity products and services through rigorous research and testing. Their independent and objective ratings offer enterprises a clear view of a product’s effectiveness.


In the second quarter of 2024, conducted its latest Enterprise Firewall Test, evaluating eight leading firewall products, including Sangfor Network Secure (referred to by its previous name, Sangfor NGAF, in the report). The comprehensive test assessed various factors such as routing and policy enforcement, TLS/SSL functionality, threat prevention, performance, stability and reliability, and cost.


Sangfor Network Secure: Consistently Top-Rated


Sangfor Network Secure once again earned a “Recommended” rating, the highest awarded by According to the report, “These products are recommended for security, performance, and value. The product’s capacity to meet its commitments to consumers is extremely strong.”


This recognition marks the third consecutive top rating for Sangfor Network Secure, having received a “Recommended” rating in 2023 and a “AAA” rating in 2021. Notably, this year’s test highlighted an impressive 97.48% protection rate, an increase from 94.05% in the previous test.


“Sangfor continues to achieve high ratings in our enterprise firewall tests,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO of “They have a solid product that should be considered by all customers during the review process.”


Download your complimentary copy of the 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test report, courtesy of Sangfor.


A Glimpse into Sangfor’s Performance


TLS/SSL Functionality


TLS/SSL encryption is crucial for securing web traffic, with over 80% of traffic now encrypted. However, this encryption can hide malicious payloads, making threat detection harder, and expose the network to protocol vulnerabilities. Firewalls must provide visibility into encrypted traffic and address these weaknesses.


Sangfor Network Secure demonstrates strong performance in this area, supporting decryption to detect threats, all top 10 ciphers, and preventing weak ciphers. It also allows for decryption bypass exceptions to maintain regulatory privacy, ensuring it effectively detects threats while managing encrypted traffic securely.


Threat Prevention


Threat prevention in the Enterprise Firewalls test covers false positives, exploit protection, and resistance to evasions. Each factor is vital for overall security effectiveness.


False Positives


False positives occur when benign events are wrongly flagged as threats, causing unnecessary disruptions. Sangfor Network Secure shows impressive accuracy, correctly identifying 1609 out of 1610 files and all 966 sites. These near-perfect results highlight its ability to accurately differentiate between legitimate and malicious activities, significantly reducing false alerts and ensuring smooth operations.


Exploit Protection


An exploit is an attack that targets software vulnerabilities to breach and control systems. Firewalls must be able to block these attacks to protect critical business systems. Sangfor Network Secure demonstrates strong performance, blocking463 out of 482 client-initiated attacks and 1008 out of 1027 server-initiated attacks, achieving an overall 97.48% success rate. This high detection rate highlights its effectiveness in safeguarding both client and server systems from various threats.


Resistance to Evasions


Threat actors use evasion techniques to disguise and modify attacks, making them difficult for security products to detect. A firewall’s ability to resist these techniques is crucial for maintaining robust security. According to a test report, handling evasions is challenging, and the 2024 test was the most comprehensive to date. Sangfor Network Secure blocked all 760 client-initiated and 809 server-initiated evasions, achieving a perfect score of 100%. This demonstrates its effectiveness against sophisticated, modified attacks, ensuring robust network protection.


Cost of Tested Configuration


Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for organizations aiming to maximize security within budget constraints. Sangfor offers a highly cost-effective solution, with a Price per Protected Mbps of $1.57 over three years, the lowest among competitors. This indicates Sangfor delivers excellent value, making it an attractive option for enterprises seeking to maximize their cybersecurity investment without compromising protection.


Download your complimentary copy of the 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test report for the complete test results of Sangfor Network Secure.


Discover Sangfor Network Secure


Sangfor Network Secure reinvents the firewall as a converged security solution. It integrates advanced features like AI-powered malware detection, web application firewall, threat intelligence, intrusion prevention, and cloud deception. This provides robust protection against sophisticated and unknown threats like ransomware, web application attacks, and APTs.


Network Secure integrates with Sangfor’s full range of security products, including Endpoint Secure, Cyber Command, Omni-Command, and Internet Access Gateway (IAG). These integrations create holistic solutions where components share data to enhance threat detection accuracy and work together to eliminate threats.


In the 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test, Network Secure demonstrated its powerful capabilities by earning the Recommended rating. With an outstanding protection rate, the best cost-effectiveness, and strong performance and stability, it is the ideal choice for organizations seeking comprehensive network protection.


Ready to enhance your cybersecurity? Visit to learn more.


  Sangfor Recommended Again in 2024 Enterprise Firewall Test

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